Piano lessons, Nice

  • Introduction

Students can start taking lessons at the age of 5. Children are introduced to basic music concepts and technique through a variety of known songs and engaging music pieces. Parental involvement is especially important at this stage as young children need help, motivation and encouragement in daily practice.

Piano lessons, Nice

  • Intermediate

Intermediate students are recommended to have one or two lesson per week. These lessons address piano technique, artistry, and music theory.

Piano lessons, Nice
  • Advanced

Advanced studies can be organized in order to prepare students for conservatory entrance exams, competitions, or concerts. These lessons typically last 60 minutes and take place two or more times per week.

Piano lessons, Nice

  • Adults

This course is intended for late beginners or students at an advanced level who have previously studied piano for several years. Piano repertory covered is individually determined to match the student’s musical and technical needs. Focus is on development of technique and reading skills through a wide range of musical styles. A flexible scheduling plan is offered for this category.

Location of Lessons

Lessons are given in central Nice at 3 avenue Baquis.

Instruction Language

Lessons can be given in English, French, Danish or Croatian.