• Lesson dates will be scheduled according to the french Zone B calendar.
  • All lessons will be with a single student, and will take place on a day and time agreed upon by the student and teacher.
  • Before payment, the teacher will explain to the student and/or parent the curriculum for the following lessons.
  • Like any other school subject or activity, piano lessons require a certain level of commitment. The student will be expected to practice between lessons.
  • Students must enroll for 10 lessons. Students are entitled to a single trial lesson before their first enrollment.
  • Enrollment is possible at any time during the year on a space-permitting basis.
  • The tuition for each 10 lesson pass is calculated using the following lesson fees:
    - 20 € for each 30 minute lesson,
    - 30 € for each 45 minute lesson.
  • No lessons will be given before payment has been received.
  • The 10 lesson pass is not refundable.