“I came to Ivana during my final year at university having played the piano since the age of four. I found her approach very refreshing and different to what I was used to. Her attention to detail was exactly what I needed at my level and her lessons were very focused. I concentrated on a few key pieces throughout the term and was able to perfect them in time for the concert.Ivana is very encouraging and always wants her pupils to do the best that they can. She brought me along quickly and I noticed a considerable improvement within the first few weeks thanks to her hard work and dedication. Ivana is an excellent teacher to all ages and levels and I would certainly recommend her to anyone.”

Lavinia Younger

“I studied with Ivana for over two years, and during the short time I was with her, she managed not only to improve my performance and practice methods, but to instill in me a strong determination to succeed in music. She constantly challenged me, and because of this I have grown as a piano player. The skills that Ivana has taught me will always be relevant in music as well as any other endeavor requiring patience and hard work.Ivana is an impeccable and flexible teacher that catches on quickly to the strengths and weaknesses of her students. She is highly capable of teaching students of all skill levels, and is truly motivated and dedicated.”

Dayna Erdmann

“About two years ago, before I had lessons with Ivana, I thought that I played piano just because I had to, as I never actually thought of it as “fun”. However, from 6th Grade until now, Ivana has really changed my opinion about piano and even music in general. She taught me new and interesting techniques by letting me experience playing different pieces by different composers from different periods. She pushes me to try harder and builds up my skills for exams and performances; she deepened my passion in music. Piano-playing and playing any type of instrument, even just experimenting, has become fun for me. I now set goals for myself to learn the pieces that I find amazing, by the composers who I admire. Ivana catches on quickly to the different styles of music her students like and is capable of teaching any pupil, regardless of age and experience, as long as you have the passion and motivation to do it. She is strongly dedicated to music and is motivated to push you to do more.”

Concours piano Steinway 2013, cycle 2 niveau 4, 1e Mention
Concours piano Claude Kahn: Moyen 1, 2e medaille

Steffi Tan

“Ivana Pesic is a brilliant pianist with a thorough international education. I have known Ivana Pesic since she settled in Denmark, and I have been able to follow her accomplishments as a piano pedagogue. She is highly professional and competent with a comprehensive knowledge of piano teaching for children as well as for advanced students. She is energetic and dedicated, and I have heard fine results of her students taking part in the exams of the EPTA Grade system.”

Elsebeth Brodersen, EPTA president (European Piano Teachers Association)

“Ivana has been employed with us at Rygaards Fritids since September 2005, where she has been teaching beginner and advanced piano. Her students are between 5 and 15 years old, and come from a wide variety of international and Danish backgrounds. At Rygaards Fritids, the curriculum of these activities is left entirely up to the teacher, and Ivana has been fully responsible for the structure and planning of her lessons. This requires a lot of motivation and creativity, both of which she mastered with excellence. Ivana’s piano classes are often cited as being amongst our most popular activities.

Ivana Pesic has proven herself to be very competent, dedicated and reliable. She interacts well with both children and parents, and I can highly recommend her for any position that she might be applying for.”

Julia Perifilieva, Rygaards International School, Copenhagen Activities Manager

“I am writing to express our thanks for Ivana Pesic, who has been teaching piano to our daughter, Susanna for 1 and half years. Ivana is a very kind person and recognizes children’s ability and needs. She is very flexible and uses the teaching method that is the most appropriate to the situation. Susanna’s piano technique has improved considerably over the past year. We have also noticed that she has a new-found confidence towards her approach to playing piano. With Ivana’s guidance, Susanna has discovered that if she applies herself consistently to understanding difficult new pieces, she will succeed. We are very impressed with Ivana’s teaching ability, as well as with the amount of care and attention she has given our daughter. The most wonderful thing about Ivana is that she has such a great passion and love for music. Susanna is very lucky to be her pupil.”

Julianna Hyvönen

“My son Hadrien, who is 9 years old, has been taking piano lessons from Ivana for just over a year now. Hadrien had previously taken piano lessons for 2 years. After starting lessons with Ivana, Hadrien very quickly made an incredible leap in his piano playing, and my husband and I were amazed at the pieces that Hadrien began playing. Ivana has been really great at selecting, and letting Hadrien select music that is fun and challenging at the same time. Hadrien has become much more confident and proud about playing the piano. Ivana has very high standards about how the piano should be played and expects a lot from Hadrien. She has been really great about giving us tips on how to improve Hadrien’s playing and letting us know different methods of progressing. Ivana also introduced us to the ABRSM piano exam. She did a wonderful job in motivating and preparing Hadrien for the exam which he took and passed. She has also helped Hadrien prepare for other occasions when he was asked to play the piano. Ivana Is not only concerned with giving Hadrien a weekly piano lesson, but seems to be constantly looking for ways to help Hadrien move forward and be excited about playing the piano. Anyone who is looking to find someone to teach them to play the piano would be lucky to find Ivana!”

Jennifer Lesage

“Ivana has been teaching piano to my daughters for almost 3 years. My younger daughter started a little before she was 5 years old. Both my girls love learning piano from Ivana and have a huge sense of achievement after they learn a new piece. Ivana is very patient with them but also expects them to concentrate and learn. Ivana also holds concerts for her students at the end of the term giving all her students a chance to perform in front of parents and friends. This is very inspiring for the students and helps builds confidence in them.My daughters have learnt an enormous amount from Ivana and enjoy their lessons immensely. Ivana is a very talented pianist but at the same time very modest and focused on the appropriate level of the student. I would highly recommend Ivana as a piano teacher for a student of any level.”

Hema Rane

“I have studied with Ivana Pesic for a period of 8 months. When I started I had never played the piano before. During these 8 months Ivana has taught me basic playing techniques so that today I am able to play a variety of primarily classical music. Ivana is a very kind and understanding teacher who through a lot of patience and teaching skills is able to bring out every talent in the student. She is demanding but the reward is great. I can recommend her to anyone who wishes to play the piano.”

Caroline Rostock-Jensen

“Jeremy (6 years old) and Aidan (7 years old) started piano lessons with Ivana one and a half years ago. Her piano lessons were fun and enjoyable for both boys. She gently challenged them to achieve levels that were far beyond our expectations. She genuinely loves teaching and it shows in her interaction with the children, which inspires them to experience the joy of music.”

Michelle and Rob Graham

“Our daughter started learning to play the piano a year ago when she was five years old. After only just one year she has tremendously developed her musical skills. We are so pleased that Ivana Pesic introduced our daughter, Amalie, to the piano. Ivana Pesic’s teaching skills and dedication to her students is amazing. She is patient and positive and at the same time encourages them to succeed and challenge themselves. She is a fantastic teacher who can bring out the natural interest and talent of each child.”

Kathrine and Yoshihiro Ono

“When we began searching for a piano teacher for my son, Filip, I knew that I wanted someone who was very skilled at playing the piano, but also someone with a warm, positive approach in dealing with children. Ivana Pesic came highly recommended to me, and I was drawn to her friendly-style lessons. Now, 1 1/2 years later we are thrilled with the progress our son has made, he has always looked forward to his lessons, which is an achievement in itself. Ivana is a very consistent and organized teacher, who manages to communicate with the parents on a regular basis as well. Ivana has not only taught Filip piano, but also self-confidence, which he needs to be successful. Ivana is a professional and I would recommend her to anyone.”

Andrea Jancarkova